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Inspired by difference

I’m an energetic and passionate creature who is passionate about people and psychology.

I put my heart in everything I do and I’m striving to make a difference in people’s life with creative solutions. I studied marketing and Graphic design in Santa Barbara, in California for two years and got involved in art shows and developed visual skills.

I started the program Interactive Art director at Hyper Island when I got home from the states and never regret that decision for a second. That school taught me so much about the industry life, also how to build great teams and we got to develop some awesome creations for clients.

Since 1 year back I have been working as freelance creative, I get involved in projects with ux design, art direction and branding. I hold workshops in these areas and also a big passion in team development. I’m always looking for new challenges so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have anything on your mind. 

Passion & profession


I got my first digital camera when I was nine, ever since then my passion has grown. I think a photograph is interesting because it is up to the viewer to interpret the image.


I believe all organizations need to understand their destination and purpose. A good strategy makes you prepared for anything and we most likely to deliver the best performance, productivity and profit.


To form a great team you need to understand the different stages you go through until you get there. I love to do workshops and lead teams to achieve their goals.


I have become a marketing fan since my two years marketing studies in Santa Barbara. To succeed in any business you need to have strong customer relationship and understand your customer’s needs and their segment.


A great Art director in my opinion is someone that can communicate and can inspire a design team towards the vision. In the end it is truly about being a great leader and understanding each individual in your team.


Before I start designing I like to just make a quick sketch or mockups. Things we conceptualize in our heads can sometimes seem awesome and then turn out to be really bad ideas when we put them in a visual medium.


To be an entrepreneur gives you the chance to stand up what you believe in and spread the word. I have worked on an app called “Happy Breakup”. Check out the portfolio!


Human are emotional creatures and storytelling connects with our emotions. This is why we remember stories better than dry statements we read in textbooks. Who doesn’t like a great story?


The heart of interaction design is designing interaction. The focus is on designing the behavior of a product – how it works. To create the user experience, you are responsible for how a product, system or service will look, feel and behave for a user.

Hyper Island

Interactive Art Director program
1 year

Santa Barbara City College

Marketing and Graphic Design
2 years

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