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What is Beatballs?

It is surprisingly a machine that translates music into different meatballs recipes. What would a Bob Dylan “like a rolling stone” compare to an Avicii upbeat song like “levels” taste like? My class at Hyper Island, Interactive Art direction program came up with different algorithms, a parameter on the web counted out details about tempo, acoustic, chatter, key and the song’s popularity. We built the machine by hand, 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide. Servo engines controlled the machines.

Why did we come up with this invention?

Tomas Mazetti from Former Studio Total was our supervisor for this brief. He wanted to give us a challenge involving everyone in the class to create a viral spread.

Our mission was to find a subject or matter that would make people talk and be surprised. The first process was to divide the class into smaller teams and brainstorm ideas.

The best ideas with a viral spread potential were selected and finally we agreed on the Beatballs concept. What roll did I take during this project? I was very involved in the marketing and wanted to create a “buzz” around our invetion and contacted PR people and reached put to differnt channeles. I was involved when we tried our first beatballs prototype in the city. We couldn’t carry the whole machine so we used a regualar frying pan and followed the algortim through our beatballs app. You check out this in the video “Beatballs – behind the machine” and play forward to 8.36 min. You will also be suprised that our prototype exploded by too much heat in the middle of Kungsträdgården. Luckly our real machine worked fine without any explostion.

The results

We twitterbomed celebrities and came up with insane headlines just to make people wonder what was going on.
ex. “What would Justin Biber’s balls taste like”?

We gained attention from tech-blogs, such as Gizmodo, advertising magazines (Resumé in Sweden) and we were mentioned in the Queeen Latifah show and we were interviewed in a British radio channel.


Art Director, Marketer


Tomas Mazetti

Our Promos


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