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Happy breakup

What is Happy Breakup?

Happy Breakup is an ongoing project. It is going to be devolved app that will help people whom have broken up or gotten divorced to move on and find a new path in life. The purpose of the app is to help others by offering concrete advice and help them work with acceptance and find a new life path. Both women and men can use the app. But our key customer are women.

The self-help industry is worth $11 billion in the states alone and women are covering 75 percent of the market in the US. In the app we will have therapists in videos that will provide effective techniques and leading users to work with underlying problems. The most effective method to provide the users the best result is NLP.

Which stands for Neuro linguistic programming, which identifies the thinking patterns that get in your way, and offers ways to change your thinking that changes your life. This can be done with hypnosis.

In the video sessions therapists and Nlp coaches will teach the users how the brain works and they can do exercise through sound files to work with grief and other common areas.

Why did I come up with this invention?

You can discover many things in yourself by reaching your subconscious mind and when you are in the right state you can fix unresolved problems. Four large problem areas are feelings of abandonment and jealousy, submission, and dependence on the partner. These areas and many others make it difficult for us to be our true selves and we tend to behave dysfunctional when this feelings get triggered which also can make our relationships end. Who are involved in creating this app?I’m the founder and the CEO and I have a CTO partner with specialty in backend development. We have several therapists involved, which can provide us content.We also have freelancers helping us from the US.

Are you interested to work with us?We are looking for people, contact me and I can tell you more.

Unfinished Mockups

Me and the CTO

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