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H U G O   B O S S

What is “the Toolkit for Success”?

It’s an easily accessible platform that works as a guide to help young men through common struggles in their lives like getting a job, going on dates etc. Things that might be difficult to ask parents or friends. They will also be able to share their own tips and experiences as well as getting help from other users when facing specific problems.

How does it help sales?

A continuous release will make HUGO stay relevant and give consumers a stronger connection to the brand. Adding personality and relevance to using fragrance we hope to gain a lot of consumers and also increase gift sales. A subscription service will be introduced which will increase continuous sales for the brand.


The vision is to make HUGO into a natural coach for young adults on their way to success. The Toolkits will throughout time branch out in various topics like “Toolkit for Dating”, “Toolkit for Training” and more, addressing both male and female consumers.


Art Director, designer


Hugo Boss

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