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What is Platefull?

Platefull is an interactive plate that helps kids between 2 and 4 year olds to eat better and find courage to try new food. The plate is divided in to color sections.
Ex. You can light a green section for vegetables to make your kid get curious about it.
If your kid eats from that section, a reward will show as a spinning rainbow on the plate.
We built the plate with Arduino and bought the material from IKEA.

Why did we come up with this invention?

Our client wanted us to come up with an invention about nutrition and kids.
What it should be in the end is up to us. We started researching about kids and their mealtime. We interviewed parents, then we found out that some kids had difficulty to focus while eating and fear of new food. After some prototyping, plateful was invented. Luckily, my mom had her own day care and we got permission to test the plate on the kids. They got very excited and some of them eat up better than ever. Right then we knew we had succeeded. Our client were more than happy with the result.





PLATEFULL is an NDA protected project, let me know if you are interested to see the case study.


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