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My friends Jenny and Diego got married this summer and I wanted to surprise them with a wedding gift. I decided to make drawing portrait of them. I went on Facebook to find a picture of each of them to have as template to work from. I wanted them to look dressed up so I researched on Internet on wedding clothes. I saw princess Madeleine’s wedding dress. 

I thought Jenny should wear that dress and I photoshopped it so it would fit her body. When I had both of their in proportions I started to draw over different layers to make it look interesting and handmade.  I mixed drawing by hand and photoshop. I wanted the result to be unique with both a drawing and photograph combined together.

Inspiration for the drawing photograph



Princess Madeleine’s

wedding dress. Why not?

The Result: A happy wedding couple

A nice suit for Diego?


© Sofia Malmqvist |

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