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Do you need help with branding or teambuilding?

• Learn how to connect with you team members

• Create a structure how to work more effectively

• Build a brand platform and strategy

• Come up with a unique niche to your brand

• Find out who your consumers are, your vision and mission

• and much more!


My latest clients were game developers. They are working on creating an online game from scratch. The game is called Clear Vision Online. Their previous version is called Clear Vision 3 and is so far one of the most downloaded game. That is very cool!

I was hired as a consult and helped them with teambuilding and to come up with a brand platform. I held lecture about why teambuilding is important and all the stages you go through. We practiced feedback and talked about fears. We did activities and creative presentations so everybody got to know each other better.

It was a fantastic process to see them grow as a team and as a brand. In the end we had created a “WE” feeling where everyone had an input. We came in to a deep level of their brand’s existence, “Why do we exist?” Which is crucial to survive as a brand. It might be a simple question but not with a so easy answer. I worked with several tools and brought in games so they could learn by doing. In the end they had full understanding whom their consumers were, what their vision and mission were, including the brand’s personality, promise, value, differentiation etc.

Six Thinking Hats is a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved. Each thinking role is identified with a colored symbolic “thinking hat.” Our meeting was a discussion of “The process of creating their game Clear Vision”. It was a great meeting and they held a good focus and saw their process from different new angles. We didn’t use hats but instead balloons.



The workshops around team building and brand platforming really helped kickstarting our start-up business. We learned the importance of having a purpose-driven strategy brand platform and that proper team building is essential for any modern company.

The team building exercises were uncomfortable at times but it was all for the benefit of being able to give and receive constructive criticism. It was a good practice for us co-workers that helped us getting to know each other an early stage of our enterprise. We were given the tools needed to remain open minded and think creatively. Tools we still use during our weekly meetings.


Sofia walked us through the thorny parts of building a brand and finding an identity! Even though we had never done anything like this before she turned it into a concrete, understandable process that helped us move forward as a group and as a company.

We still use her group exercises in our weekly meetings, so I can recommend her services without hesitation!


Sofia worked with me and my team over a period of a couple of months. She helped us develop our team in a very informative and inspiring way.

She’s got a very positive and impossible-is-nothing energy and she gave us some very valuable tools to work with. I would recommend her to anyone.


The Workshop held by Sofia helped us understand how important it is to have a clear vision when giving the brand an identity. We all learned how much team-building helps to understand each other, allowing us to understand our individual needs in order to make for a successful project and company brand! All the skills we were taught are still applied to our weekly meetings.

No doubt it changed us for the better, definitely would recommend this to any group/company out there!

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