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The task is to identify the problem using the customer journey with UPS ( from a consumer perspective. Also, analyzing the service and propose improvement suggestions based on hypotheses about the target audience and their needs, business goals and desired conversion goal.

– We expect that by sketches / prototypes show how to improve the service.
– Make a presentation where you report what you see as the audiences for the service and how you resolved the problem.





Main solutions

Divide delivery times two time slots instead of one:

09:00 to 14:00 or
15:00 to 19:00

Let the recipient see how delivery vehicle moves during your delivery range on a map.

On the map you can see the car’s delivery order and get an approximate time when commandment is with you.

As a customer, you can get a pin notification 30 minutes before your delivery arrives.

Then you can also send a message to the bid if you need to specify the details you’ve missed. Ex. new entry code.

If you need to cancel the delivery, you can do it in the same box.

Feedback and ratings are a good method for the customer to feel heard.

The employer can keep an eye so their employees are doing a good job.

The feedback can lead to making the employer rewarded.

Employees will stay motivated to make a good job.

How can UPS build up the confidence for customers?

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